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We are a duo of woodwind and brass repairers residing in Canterbury and servicing instruments all over Kent. Both with advanced qualification in woodwind repair and experience in brass repair, we also have backgrounds in mechanics, engineering and (of course!) music which supports our knowledge further. With over 15 years of playing woodwind and brass instruments, a Bachelors Degree in Music and an extensive knowledge of mechanical problem solving, we are a bit of a dream team in our endevours to provide Kent with healthy and happy instruments to keep the music playing!  

Given the amount of instruments we have tested, repaired and worked with over the years, we have an extensive knowledge of brands, models, dating instruments and the do's and don'ts of instrument care and modification so our customers are always welcome to ask advice or share further knowledge with us!

We are both perfectionists of our trade and play on our joint talent to see the instrument from a mechanical and a players perspective- that way our customers will always get a mechanically correct instrument as well as an instrument that plays and feels great too!

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